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tv   ABC2 News 9 11 Special  ABC  September 11, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. ten years ago michael was been. he is now in the 4th grade. we have all changed, since september 11th of 2001. it was the day when planes took down the world trade center. other attacks at the pentagon and the flights over pennsylvania left all of us in disbelief. over the next 30 member minutes we will look at ourselves, at our lives september 11th until today. we have changed a lot. especially right here in new york. on the outside you know what they are thinking. you can read their lips, taken photograph that vend faded from memory. on the inside. >> i had a worker walk up and said i can't believe you got to wear that and when you are in charge you can wear anything you want. >> the most colorful person at one world trade center. >> i wish i could bring everybody on. >> our wish for a private tour granted. you are looking at what will be the tallest building in america
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in two years. it'll grow 1776 feet. >> it's a big job. emotionly, i tell you i get in to the office and i'm just going all day. >> she is in charge of turning devastation into a creation. this is america's biggest construction site as concrete and steel dance together, going up one floor a week. >> the trucks come in, dump the concrete and then it's pumped underground into the core. >> and in we go. linda was here ten years ago. she had a meeting on the 72nd floor. look where i am interviewing her ten years later late later. >> i never thought i would be back here. >> she passed by every day. it was to much. to many emotions and memories. hard to put a hard hat on but then she took the call to come back and did. >> i'm so glad i came back
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here and be a part of this. it's almost a healing process. >> she and her team of hard hats are doing this for all the names on these two fountains, many were friends and for the people they don't know. >> sometimes i come late in the afternoon when a lot of the workers are gone so i come out at four or five and may come out alone and just take a walk. >> on that walk she doesn't think about what happened, she thinks ahead when this building will be energized with offices, restaurants, the safety policy no building in the world will be able to touch. >> this is the project of my career. i always have -- i'm optimistic there may be more. how is that? >> never wanted to look back, always looking ahead. on the inside we still cry over 9/11 but on the outside we see a building that reflects our promise of a brighter tomorrow.
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she shared her memories but said she has one job and that is to he are build. if you want to cry, let's go to columbia where we have a story of a father, a husband and grandfather. >> irene and her daughter remember the moment that last phone call what was said and how they never got to say good- bye. >> i think -- come home, mom is getting real anxious, nervous and he was like i'm if any to save this place. >> he was working at the pentagon. irene called him when she saw what has was happening on tv. then the plane hit the pentagon. >> i picked up the phone and he wasn't on it and we kept dialing back to him and he wouldn't answer. >> that night they got the call ever was addressing. >> like 12:30 when his boss called to ask if ron had made it home.
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i said no. he started crying and i was crying. >> his remains were never found. it was an empty coffin at the funeral. just last year irene got a package that startled her. >> this is how it all came bundled. >> his checkbook, his business card, passes, grocery store cards, everything that was in his wallet in perfect condition. fedexed to her with this letter from the fbi. >> to this day i don't know where it was found. i don't know how they got it. we will never have the true answers. >> a hard reality not made any easier after ten years. life struggles keep coming. irene has cancer. >> it's definitely hard to live a life without your soul mate. >> he was the most amazing man i have ever known. i looked up to him in everything in my life to this day i still -- he was everything to me.
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>> for sarah so much has changed in the last ten years. she got married, became a mom, she did it all without her dad. >> that is probably one of the hardest things. >> i was 51 when he was killed and i will be 61 september 3rd. our anniversary is september 8th. my one daughter got married september 2nd of 2001. >> this is the last picture she took with her husband. it was at their daughter's wedding one week before. this is the home where they raised their children. this is where they were supposed to grow old together. now, it's about holding onto what was and will be. >> life's most beautiful things are not seen with the eyes but felt with the heart. >> in columbia, linda stowe. >> we lost 67 of our friends and neighbors that day right here at the world trade, to the pentagon, to pennsylvania. one of those people we lost, elizabeth, she was on united
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flight 93. she lived in catonsville but died in pennsylvania when it crashed. passengers on board learned of the hijackings and they took over the plane from the hijackers, 44 died in southwest pennsylvania. you ask anyone on this street if they have seen changed since the attacks and you will get a resounding yes they have. congress passed the patriot act giving the government the ability to conduct searches without warrants, border protection increased, and remember when you could walk into the airport? now it's for passengers only. for the past decade we have been fighting terrorism here on the streets and overseas. some of you enlisted before 9 be 1 and many did after. charlie was a remarkable story of a brave serviceman who gave it his all. like the twin towers the pentagon was also targeted on
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september 1st. american airlines flight 77 hit this building killing almost 200 people. adam was a high school senior in wisconsin watching it on television just waiting to join the marines. what happened here on september 11th put into motion a chain of event that would change his life forever. >> everything that happened after september 11th in school or whatever was just to get in to the marines as fast as possible. >> after boot camp and infantry he didn't immediately go to war. instead he served with marine security forces assigned to the president. >> huge responsibility. especially for any 19-year-old. >> reporter: finally in 2005, he joined the infantry to go to iraq. >> we went out on the first mission we went out and were
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chasing down a high value target known to weary suicide vest. >> on august 21st he and his attempt team were sent to check a school. it was the site of a fire fight. >> they left -- when they left they left a 155 round jerry rigged to the door. we opened it and it killed the lieutenant and i was fortunate just to loose a leg and arm. >> what of that do you remember? >> i remember pretty much all of it. i stayed awake from the time of the blast until my first surgery. >> he was stabilized and then flown back to the united states for months of rehab. >> demanding on everybody. myself obviously but i think it was tolling on all my family. many among his biggest
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supporters was his wife. >> after i got back i gave her the out, i said i know this isn't what you signed up for. she called me stupid and told me to shut up. look at horses on one side and mountains on the other. >> today six years later, adam dedicates himself to helping other wounded veterans returning home through operation second chance. he and his family have also moved in to a new home outside frederick through the help of homes for our troops. it's designed to help adam with his daily activities and challenges, the biggest of which. >> better give me a kiss. >> raising his son evan. >> is he a handful and i only have one. >> what if he comes at 16 and wants to join the military? >> i think all my friends have vehicle joked about him joining the navy and we might have some concerns then. no, honestly if he serves his
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country i think he will be doing a great thing with his life. >> in his 27 years he has seen more than many will in a lifetime. he said he would do it all over again, why? so his son won't have to sit and watch what he did ten years ago. at the pentagon, abc 2news. >> firefighters ten years ago in this city were the rescuers and the rescuees. >> incredible story knowing that the firefighters of new york were coming to save us.
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. this summer we saw how in shape firefighters are. in their memories a few hundred ran five laps up the downtown hilton back in july. that's 110 floors, the same
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number of floors as the world trade center towers. they held pictures of the more than 300 firefighters that died. this is engine company ten the closest to the world trade center. they were the first to go in. kelly with a man who led the charge inside the world trade center. >> running from the burning north tower was instinct for thousands ten years ago. >> huge explosion now raining debris on us. we better get out of the way. >> running in took guts. >> this is so terrible. > looking up at the towers burning all firefighters could do was wonder, but fear like this was something many had not experienced. >> one of the guys -- standing by, summed it up. we looked at each other and he looked up and said we may not live through this. we looked at him when he said
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it and said you know you are right. we shook each other's hands and wished each other good luck and i hope i see you later. to their said we are with you and we started to hit the north tower. >> thick smoke wrapped around the stair wells but a haze gave way to a voice. >> we were running for our lives. we stopped running because we saw a woman standing in a doorway crying. we stopped put the brakes on. then we carried her down the stairs. >> it was that decision by then new york city fire captain jay jonas that got them out of a deadly situation. >> it's an honorable profession where you get to help people. >> harris was hurt and needed help after climbing down from the 73rd floor. that is when fate took over on the 27th floor. >> i was running back to the stair way thinking go down the
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stair way and that's when it started to collapse with us still inside. >> the five say they felt like they saw their funerals unfolding in front of them. >> trapped for nearly four hours, help came from above. >> i'm lucky -- i felt like we aren't only going home but we are going home today. this guy above me and this beam of light and i said -- [inaudible] we are on top of the world trade center. it was -- incredible feeling knowing that the firefighters of new york were coming to save us. >> a savior from a 59-year- old woman. >> you know -- [inaudible] because god gave us the courage to put ourselves into harm's
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way. >> ladder six gave the grandmother ten more years of life. >> spend that in reverse and say we are alive because she was there to save us. >> boston divided over politics becomes united. a look back at one special venge a week after the attacks and the thousand who turned out to pray, reflect unite. and the photographer, the reporters who found covering one of the fastest changing stories of their career.
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. you couldn't get from away from the news coverage. we look back at reporter who went out on the streets to cover this story making sure they weren't a part of it. >> news went into a rush or a
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panic mode. >> for all we knew any place in the country was a target. you didn't know what was going on. >> we were here to warn people, to talk to people, to give people information. >> job to tell the public what's going on. >> as quickly as you can and accurately. >> to make sure people are aware and have the knowledge of what's going on. >> even though i was just as scared, just as vuln era ble not knowing what attacked us, why,. >> i think you park your real feelings on the curb, just set it aside and later in the day probably on your drive home that the -- the emotional side of it all starts to seepn. >> i realize that the importance of our industry was it wasn't a lot of glamour, still isn't. >> i really couldn't believe it, i didn't know what to expect. how to react.
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>> from that point on i don't take anything for granted and i don't take anything lightly. >> who could forget the turn out at the fairgrounds a week after the attack. united we stand was the theme for the evening. two fire trucks, made a ladder arch with the giant american flag flapping in the breeze. local leaders spoke in an effort to bring us all together. as soon as 9/11 happened you went out and bought a flag. you wanted it everywhere. wheel you remember others may not. they have to rely on history books or specials like these. one woman remembers the joy and the heartache.
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. there is a 10-year-old right now who will be president one day who will bring about
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world peace. a mother talks to our megan pringle hopes it's her child that will make this world a better place. >> as tragedy unfolded on september 11th life continued in the form of the more than 10,000 in the united states that welcomed a baby into the world that day. i spoke to one area mom whose son was born after september 11th and she shared what it was like. >> that's when the twists came. >> duncan will always be his mother's baby but you can see he is hardly a baby. he is turning ten. like most moms she remembers everything about the day he came in to the world. >> found out i was having a boy, very exciting. >> all that excitement turned in to worry, especially when she was stuck at home during the toughest time. >> i was in bed, had the tv on, and i first started seeing the news reports of the plane flying into one of the towers. i'm getting goose bumps now
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just talking about it. it was that surreal. >> she was glued to the images on the tv set horrified by what she saw. she remembers feeling like the world was coming to an end which. >> i was very excited, very exciting to bring another child and then i realized what is this world become? >> days later she had a c section and duncan arrived. >> you have a child your world becomes very small and the world at that moment in time became very big and uncomfortable. >> duncan is still trying to understand issues that adults don't understand. >> i know that two planes crashed in to the twin towers. they were both at separate times. >> right now he and his mom are focusing more on his birthday than the anniversary of september 11 11th but he knows his big day falls close to such a big day. >> it's important to remember
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that day because --. >> words are hard to come by for someone to young to understand something so terrible but his mom is trying her best to explain. >> i'm more comfortable in the world today than ten years ago and i have explained to him you can't live your life in fear. >> abc 2news. >> do you know what today is? sometimes it takes us a while to realize an anniversary but not this day. not this time. we all remember where we were on 9/11. the morning we woke up and took a look up and didn't see a hint of trouble in our blue sky; that was until 8:46. 3, 652 days have gone by and some of us still sit by the front door waiting for people to come home from the pentagon or off flight 93 or home from the world trade center. until then we remember their faces, and we remember their souls.
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and to the heros born that day we thank you and for the rest of us left here we will never forget. ♪ [ music ] amazing grace. ♪ [ music ]
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